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Who We Are

We are a world-class virtual team of entrepreneurs, executives, talented data scientists, developers, designers, geeks, engineers, mathematicians, marketers and creative artists who are on a mission to help the world in a positive way.

With so many tech trendy projects that we could be developing, we’re focused in on providing global solutions through our own FinTech, Blockchain, Gaming and Entertainment projects. Our experienced approach allows us to combine our diverse background of practice that includes software and app development, strategy, design and engineering at scale to develop out of this world projects.

Our Expertise

Web Development

For many years, we’ve worked with global companies birthing their product and web ideas to digital life. Our highly skilled developers have proficient WD expertise in the latest technology and trends. We develop enterprise-grade software solutions for our projects.

Game Development

How do we build a multi device Meta Game that will introduce masses of players to Blockchain, NFT’s and the Play / learn To Earn reward model; building lasting value while keeping players excitedly engaged without breaking the chain? Stay Tuned . . .

Smart Contract Development

The backbone engine of Blockchain business and Play to Earn Gaming is Smart Contracts. We develop secure, robust automated processes to make business, gaming and dApps optimally perform.


Our broad experience ensures, for our decentralized, data driven projects,  high levels of scalability for our applications. Each and every project we develop can be trustworthy and functional with our dApps and smart contracts.

Augmented Reality (AR)

In the next 18 months, AR users will number near 2.3 billion globally. By 2023 AR users will number nearly 2.4 billion and will continue to grow.  Our gaming project includes AR for data, advertising, contests and eCommerce.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our projects are intelligent and data driven to provide any combination of image & video, business intelligence, data forecasting, natural language processing and / or data analytics. The understanding of this data is what we’re counting as our projects’ significant and profitable edge.

blockchain development

All of the advantages of Blockchain; efficiency, transparency, trust and flexibility is why were excited to develop our projects using various forms of the technology. Our experience and design include but are not limited to Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano and the BSC chains.

e-commerce development

Our team of industry experts have deep and insightful knowledge about E-Commerce for web development. We’re still exploring new ways to reach new markets, however E- Commerce is what fuels our projects from NFT sales to in game purchases to credit reporting with Renter Listers. 

Our Projects

Renter Listers’ mission was out of a necessity to provide diverse credit profile reporting services to a number of underserved rent paying communities. Our solution?

We introduced Renter Listers as a contracted data furnisher reporting accurate rental payment data to the top credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Renter Listers provides much needed credit profile building solutions to tenants/renters and tenant/renter accountability solutions for property managers, landlords and the in house financing industries. We love win-win solutions!


Jordāva is a members only Blockchain Board Game which incorporates a self improvement lifestyle NFT ecosystem.  Jordāva combines a Play – Move – Learn – Share to Earn reward system tracked to the players personal NFT avatar. By completing various offline and online tasks, a player’s NFT avatar increases in token value all tracked on a UI paired with the player’s game wallet.

Lifestyle tasks and rewards  include e-learning, education, course completion, travel, photography, exercise, events, AR, VR and more.  Smart wearables will allow for completion of  movement and timing tasks providing real time game data adding ever increasing value to the players NFT. 

All game players are also automatically entered into Jordāva’s Patent Pending 2 X 2 Non Splitting, Forced Matrix Cycler. The matrix game boards play in order so all global players work together, one game board at a time. “Priceless!” We find that everyone loves Money! Products include e-Learning, NFT sales and products and services yet to be announced.

What's Up Next?

Cre-a-tiv-i-ty / noun  – the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. For creative entrepreneurs, the work and projects never stop coming. Prioritizing these ideas and projects is key to great results.

The additional projects that we’re currently engaged or collaborating on are designed to provide global solutions and to enhance our current web 2 and web 3 Metaverse projects. Even as Web 3 is today’s hot topic, Web 5 and 6 are already being designed. We’re so already there! 

We’re fortunate to be included in some really exciting next level out of this world projects.

Our Industry Interests Include

But are not limited to:


Real Estate



Block Chain

E- Learning

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